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Mobile Mental Health Clinic & Wellness Spa

Our Mobile Happy Lights Relaxation Station currently operates in Kent County and we are proud to be listed on Harvard University’s Mobile Health Clinic site. The Mental Health Clinic & Wellness Spa helps reduce stress, depression, anxiety and isolation in the community. 

We have the ability to offer Depression and other Health Screenings, Wellness Shots, IV Hydration, Massage (Head Back & Neck) Reflexology (Hand & Wrist) with S.A.D., and ChromoTherapy (Light) Therapy. 



August 2 - Great Giant Supermarket (Madison & Hall)
August 9 - Mediterranean Island (Kalamazoo & 44th)
August 16: Tom Brann's (Division & 44th)
August 23: Urban League (Franklin & Eastern)
August 30: Big Top Supermarket (Clyde Park & 36th)
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