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Additional Events

Happy Senior Tour: Our Mobile Mental Health & Wellness Clinic-Mobile Happy Lights Relaxation Station provides free Neck and Back Massages, Hand and Wrist Reflexology, with ChromoTherapy services and mental health resources to low to moderate income seniors.  In 2022 we welcomed 1658 Seniors from 15 centers across Kent County for Mental Health & Stress reduction to reduce isolation, depression, anxiety.


Celebrity Purse Auction, now in its 12th year the second Wednesday in September, 200+ women gather annually to support mental health, and shop for and bid on designer purses. 

International Foodie Fest for Mental Health is held to coincide with the International Mental Health Awareness day to support Mental Health Awareness and stigma reduction in BIPOC communities. Over 200 people gather to celebrate Mental Health, people, culture, foods and drinks from around the globe with Community Of Hearts.

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